Pakistan In Guinness Book Of World Records

For more half-a-century Guinness World Records has documented fascinating extremes, discoveries and achievements, in, on, and beyond our planet Earth.The book Guinness World Records collates and publishes notable records of all types, from first and best to worst human achievements, to extremes in the natural world and beyond.Our own country Pakistan has set many world records. Recently we set 9 records in the Punjab Youth Fest ’15. The list is very long but some of the records are given below:

Largest collection of dummies

Since 1995, Dr. Mustansar of the Children’s Hospital Lahore has been collecting dummies as an educational movement against them. The collection now amounts to 1,994 dummies of different colors and shapes, each obtained from individual mothers.


Largest collection of dummies

Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization

Abdul Sattar Edhi  began his ambulance service in 1948, ferrying injured people to hospital. Today, his radio-linked network includes 500 ambulances all over Pakistan, and attracts funds of US$5 million a year. We all are very proud of him.


Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization

The smallest published Koran

The smallest published Koran book measures 1.7 cm × 1.28 cm × 0.72 cm (0.66 in × 0.50 in × 0.28 in). It is published in an unabridged, bound version, in fine print Arabic and is 571 pages long.The book was published in Cairo in 1982 and is owned by Dr. Muhammad Saeed Karim Beebani of Pakistan.

smallest published Koran


Most field hockey passes in one minute

The most field hockey passes in one minute by a team is 43 and was achieved during the Punjab Youth Sports Festival in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, on 12 March 2013. The team was made up 11 hockey players from the Punjab province of Pakistan. The team achieved the record in its third attempt after there were fouls in their previous two attempts.


Most field hockey passes in one minute

Most consecutive push-ups

Wrestler Munir Ahmad from Sheikhupura cpmpleted 2503 push-ups in an hour and 35 minutes setting the world record for most consecutive push-ups. He surpassed an Indian national’s record.

 world record for most consecutive push ups

Largest Flaming Image Using Candles

The largest flaming candle image took place at the Serena Hotel in Faisalabad. 48 people lit 8,154 candles to create the Sandoz logo on December 31, 2003.


largest flaming record

Most people crammed into a smart car

Nineteen students from Karachi Grammar and other schools, led by Aymen Saleem Yousuf, squeezed into a standard smart car ­ setting the new world record for Most People crammed Into a Smart Car.

world record of pakistan

Largest Kurta

A 101-foot-long kurta made by Pakistani craftsmen has been certified as the largest such garment by the Book of World Records.The kurta weighs 800 kg and took a team of 50 hard working professional tailors 30 days to put together.Our very own famous designer Deepak Perwani has added subtle yet stylish adornments to the Kurta to add to make it trendy while still being traditional.

largest kurta of pakistan

Largest Sandal

Mohammad Murtaza of Pearl Shoes Lahore made world’s largest sandal.

largest sandal of pakistan

Largest Mosque

The largest mosque is Shah Faisal Mosque, near Islamabad, Pakistan. The total area of the complex is 18.97 ha (46.87 acres), with the covered area of the prayer hall being 0.48 ha (1.19 acres). It can accommodate 100,000 worshipers.

largest mosque of pakistan

source: Guinness world record official website


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