Mawra Hocane Being Hopeless Romantic Before Bollywood

mawra debut in india

Mawra hocane who is found in every news regarding beauty and style these days has made her debut in India.Mawra Hocane Being Hopeless Romantic Before Bollywood . She is one of the most recognized actress of Pakistani drama industry who made her entry in bollywood just in the age of 22. She has worked in a movie named “sanam teri kasam” that got mixed reviews from the critics.

Mawra is hopeless in terms of romance.

mawra answered about romance

She was recently questioned about her romantic moods as she has done an intense romance movie with harshadhavan. she answered this question like this:

“I am actually a hopeless romantic and that was the reason that I adore the script. It is something that is classical fable these days and real love related things are not found in the 21st century.”

This statement shows that the lady is quite disappointed in terms of finding real love of life.

What are Mawra’s reviews about today’s love.

Mawra’s reviews about today’s love

Mawra has described the love of 21st century in this way:

“In the 21st century, love has become so temporary. I always feel that I was born in a wrong era, I should have born in 70’s or 80’s when these true love stories were existing and far better than today’s temporary ones. In today’s world we all are so busy to find each other, and we just waste our time to find our soulmate.”

Maybe mawra was ditched by the love of her life as the emotional statements showing and the way she acted in the movie also express her true emotions because it is not possible to cry that much in s ingle movie.

Mawra’s reviews regarding India.

mawra's reviews about india

Mawra has just entered in the Indian film industry with her new movie and she is very happy to receive a lot of love by the audience which she has experienced even before the release of the movie. What did she say:

“People are telling me even now that they have faith in me and showing that they feel proud for me. They are motivating me and their motivation is boosting me up to perform even better. Despite of facing criticism, I have received a lot of love which is true cause behind my motivation.”

Mawra was also questioned about sanam teri kasam, that was it her first bollywood movie?

Why she chose sanam teri kasam?

sanam teri kasam mawra khan debut

Mawra said that sanam teri kasam was chosen by her after reading the script in detail and has clarified that it was really not the very first movie of bollywood being offered to her.

According to her she was offered with movie opposite very big stars but she didn’t choose to do those roles because she wants to do something challenging for which she is popular in her country. According to her this of her role is very much different from the other characters and that was the real opportunity to inspire the new audience.

we wish her all the best for her upcoming projects in Bollywood and wish to see her working in Pakistani plays again.

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