Pakistani Artist Omar Gilani’s Sci-Fi Art Has A Series Of Awe-Inspiring Illustrations

Do you want to see how Pakistan will look in the future? Probably just like a fiction movie. Yes, a guy has made it possible. Please allow me to introduce you to Omar Gilani, whose Sci-Fi Art has a series of awe-inspiring illustrations. He is a Mechanical Engineer and has a Masters in Robotics. Pakistani artist Omar Gilani’s Sci-Fi art has created masterpieces for The British Council, Save The Children and United Nations Education Foundation.

He is the Lahore based illustrator, whose mind blowing ideas has helped him to capture the crux of Pakistan by turning all the images with such amazing futuristic view.

So take a look at Pakistani artist Omar Gilani’s Sci-Fi art. Here we go!

1. Dragons in Lahore

Pakistani artist Omar Gilani's Sci-Fi art

2. Pindi boyzzz in full swing

future illustration

3. Travel up in a truck

future Pakistani truck

4. The famous chaye dhaba

omar gilani pakistani artist

5. Anonymous robot playing sitar

robot playing sitar

6. Sort of tryst alongside tree

fiction artist in pakistan

7. A doodh wala on scooter

pakistani guy on scooter

8. A modern illustration of Heera Mandi

heera mandi in lahore

9. Cricket and the skyscrapers in one picture

modern cricket pakistan

10. Future rickshaws & city lights

lahore based illustrator

11. The busy view of Pakistan. Butt Sweets, utility store and a Dentonic ad!

view of Pakistan

12. A girl in a desert

omar gilani lahori illustrator and artist

13. Howzzz the cricket???

modern cricket in Pakistan

14. Robotic city

pakistani artist omar gilani

15. Lucky Irani circus

lucky irani circus pakistan

16. A little girl begging with a robotic arm

robotic arm girl

17. Ghubaray wali larki

beautiful illustration of Pakistani artist

18. Dekh magar pyar se…

pakistani roads illustration

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