This Pakistani Teenager Has Become World’s Third Largest Earning Gamer

Pakistani teenager Sumail Hassan has become the world’s third largest earning gamer. The talented boy has collected $2,401,560 through tournaments and become a highest earner in the world of e-Sports. This is really incredible, the guy born in Karachi is a master in playing DotA 2 (Defence of the Ancients). He started playing his favorite game Dota 2 when he was only seven and he moved to U.S in 2014 to further excel in his gaming career.

world's third largest earning gamer

He made $1 million by winning tournaments after helping his team, ‘Evil Geniuses’ and also won the 2015 Dota 2 Asian championship.

Famous as ‘Suma1L’ in his gaming world, he has also made his name in Time magazine for most influential teenagers in 2016 along with Malala Yousufzai. Sumail’s popularity has grown over the years and now he has the mind blowing Twitter fan following of 30,000. He became world’s third largest earning gamer with his utmost passion.

sumail earning gamer

In his TI5 profile, Sumail wrote: “I lived in Pakistan for 15 years. Growing up, I wanted to play so bad that I sold my bike just to be able to play for more hours.”

His attitude towards his work fully shows that he has very bright future. Although, he remains busy in his gaming world, but he always put his family first. Recently, he bought a new house for his parents and five siblings in the US with some of his prize money.

pakistani teenager as gamer

At the end, we should appreciate this teenager to become the world’s third largest earning gamer. Hopefully, this will help more Pakistani gamer to shine in his field.

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