Pakistani Doctor Saved Youngest Premature Baby Through Surgery

The London Paediatric Surgeon Zahid Mukhtar at the St Georges Hospital has done a marvelous job of saving a small angel’s life. This “miracle” baby girl is believed to be the world’s youngest patient to survive major abdominal surgery. She was born at 23 weeks on October 26 last year with a severe gut condition. A Pakistani doctor saved youngest premature baby and put her on life after her birth immediately.

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Here’s Doctor Zahid Mukhtar Grew Up In Pakistani Himalayas

Dr. Zahid was born in the Himalayas and wanted to become a doctor when his 3-year-old sister died from diarrhea as there were not enough medical facilities there that time. Then he got the opportunity in the UK to pursue his dream to become a doctor. His grandmother influenced him to become a doctor and people who died from the simple diseases due to lack of funds and proper medical facilities.

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Consultant Zahid Mukhtar, who is a Pakistani doctor saved youngest premature baby, said it was extraordinary that Abiageal managed to pull through surgery. “We have trawled the literature and couldn’t find anyone who has been operated on at that early an age and survived. Her story and her recovery has been really remarkable. She was smaller than my hand when we operated on her. But it was her prematurity that was so unusual – her organs were so fragile and jelly-like that as soon as you started operating, even with our small instruments, everything started to bleed or fall apart.”

Abiageal Peters, the little premature baby was born at St Peter’s hospital, Chertsey and was three months premature. Doctors warned that the baby had little chance of overcoming gut condition, also known as perforated necrotising enterocolitis.  Her intestine was torn in three places and her stomach had started turning black.

Abiageal Peters – Youngest Premature Baby

“She would have been dead without the surgery, Peters said. She was deteriorating so badly at that point and struggling to breathe and her skin was turning black. We knew she had a day or two left if that, if they didn’t operate.”

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Peters, a financial analyst who grew up in South Africa, said: “We can’t thank the doctors enough. I don’t know if she could have survived outside the NHS. Some countries don’t even think about helping babies who are less than 25 or 26 weeks. She would have had very little chance. I come from a country where you have to pay for every cent of your medical aid. This country has been phenomenal. I think the NHS is absolutely wonderful.”

pakistani doctor saved youngest premature baby

Peters and her British husband, David, also have a two-year old daughter, Tara. “My first daughter was such an easy pregnancy that I just took it for granted that my next baby would be as easy,” she said.

Peters added: “The beginning was especially stressful, but my baby is a fighter. Then it was four months of waiting for her come off breathing support and sort out her feeding. There have been lot of hurdles, infections, blood transfusions along the way. Other mothers who have this happen to them, should know there is a chance – don’t give up, these little babies are so strong. It has been wonderful to have her home, but there are all the usual niggles of getting a new born to sleep.”

Zahid, Pakistani doctor saved youngest premature baby, has set an exceptional example. We wish him best of luck as he is also doing the charity work around the world.

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