Two Pakistani Female Entrepreneurs Developed Bolo Tech Speech Software For Patients

Shanza Khan and Rabab Fatima, Pakistani female entrepreneurs developed Bolo Tech speech software for patients with speech disorders. This clinical software, known as Bolo Tech offers speech solutions in Urdu language so that people with such problem can improve their speaking power.

Pakistani Female Entrepreneurs Developed Bolo Tech Software

Currently, it’s developed in a local language with the view to target the elder people. But it has the technology probably that provides solution to everyone in such need. One of the entrepreneurs said that they made that software because of the lack of facilities provided in Pakistan for people suffering from speech and communication disorders.

She shared, “In Pakistan, there are not many speech therapists available to patients, and where they are available, they charge between Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per visit.” She said, adding that according to recent survey results about 13% of the country’s population suffers from speech and communication disorders.

“Our online software will bring this cost down and subsequently allow for a wider reach in patients.”

Pakistani Female Entrepreneurs Developed Bolo Tech Software

This kind of effective software seems to be exactly the right solution for every patient with speech problems. The software has different features, audios, visuals and some useful games too.

bolo tech speech software

Talking about the tools of the software, Shanza said,

“How it works is that the therapists recommend their patients to use the online software, which will record all their speech exercises, and then the therapists will monitor the recorded exercises and recommend what to do next.”

The first version of Bolo tech is scheduled to be launched next month in three schools. For now, this software is in testing phase, but is already available online with speech therapists.

We can say that it is the perfect solution for every person in need. And it’ll be interesting to see how helpful this software will turn out.

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