Pakistani Journalist Sana Bucha New Movie ‘Yalghaar’ Will Definitely Make Everyone Turn Their Heads For The Lady

Pakistani journalist Sana Bucha new movie ‘Yalghaar’ is the talk of town, where she will be seen playing an imperative role. She is a Pakistani journalist, war correspondent and anchor who started her career from production. Bucha’s first project was as the producer on Geo News for the first English language bulletin. She is very talented in discussing current affairs and Pakistani relations with foreign countries. She parted their ways from journalism field and entered the Pakistan film industry and everyone is just amazed with her brilliance.

pakistani journalist sana bucha new movie yalghaar

Pakistani journalist Sana Bucha new movie is produced and directed by herself. The film will release this Eid-ul-Fitr and is all set to exceed the expectations of audiences with amazing script, mind blowing production and presence of our favorite stars.

sana bucha in yalghaar

Let’s take a look on the Sana’s appearance in the movie. She is like a vision!

Here’s our Sana Bucha as Sadia

sana bucha in pakistani movie

She knows how to do romance… Sana and Shaan!

sana bucha romantic scene in yalghaar

Wow, her acting is on point!

sana bucha as actress

Watch here the full trailer of “Yalghaar”

From journalist to fashion diva to actress, Sana Bucha has proved herself an amazing person in every field. We wish the lady best of luck for her future!

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