Which Pakistani Is In Love With India?

Pakistani Model Saima Azhar

Pakistani Model Saima Azhar who is not so famous here in Pakistan became a part of the news in the recent times when she went to Delhi, India just for a week and most importantly for the very first time in her life ever. She realized that she should have been in India instead of Pakistan and made everyone shocked by her statement.


Shocking Statement.

Shocking Statement of saima azhar

“I feel like mein wahan(Pakistan) ghalti se drop ho gai hon, I should be in India”

Where She Is Now.

saima azhar moved to india permanatly

She has recently given an interview to The times Of India and told that her mother is basically from Lucknow and her father belongs to somewhere in UP. She was somehow a rising model of Pakistan in the recent times but these statements are not going to maintain her image for sure.

What She Said.

saima azhar interested in bollywood

She also told in her interview that his father has migrated to Pakistan and she was brought up there. She said that she has visited India for the first time and she has simply loved it.

According to her, she is busy in doing shopping these days in India and she has visited chandni chowk.

It has been reported that she is interested in making a career in bollywood but is it really an appropriate statement for the country she brought up in to say like about?


She should work wherever she want either Pakistan or India but she must think that she has been risen up in Pakistan and if she is somewhat known today then it’s just because of the country where she was dropped by mistake…

By the way no one drops anywhere by mistake.


She also added that

“Good actors like Fawad khan and Mawra Hocane are working here in bollywood and they are working really good but she became harsh on veena malik saying ‘I don’t want to talk about girls like Veena Malik

As everyone knows the works being done by Veena, meera and many more actresses there, which has represented us so well. But it would be interesting to see that if this model Saima works there too then she works good or like veena and others.

Bollywood’s New Entry.

Bollywood's New Entry saima azhar

A model from the Pakistani Fashion industry has fallen in love with India, and some authentic resources had confirmed that she has approached someone to get a chance in any Bollywood.

She apologized To India.

saima azhar apologized To India

Pakistani Model has apologised to India, you people know why? she did this for Veena Malik because according to her she is much ashamed for the work Veena has done in India and she has no words to say to them except sorry. This is something new, hope she doesnt do the same.

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