Pakistani Singer Jawad Ahmed Announced Political Party For The Common Man & People Are Welcoming Him

Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmed announced political party for a common man and applied for registration formally. The popular singer told the media that his political party would help the common man to get the due rights. He has submitted papers in the Election Commission of Pakistan and will soon start campaigning for the next elections after the registration of his party.

jawad ahmed joined politics

He will be soon qualified to contest any election with the motto to help common man and the poor. According to The Express Tribune, Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmed announced political party, which will follow leftist policies. He aims to work for the labourers and poor masses,  who work in the fields and factories. He said, “There is not a single political party which works for labourers and peasants. All parties accept the current minimum wage which is merely Rs15,000 for the working class, meaning that they agree the poor can survive on this meager amount. This proves how little existing parties care for the masses.”

We don’t know his party name as Jawad will make the name public after the  registration of his party. He also said that his party will focus on land reforms, increase in minimum wage,  high taxes for the rich and the provision of social security.

This singer is not only one who joined or made any political party. Already popular singers, Ataullah Esakhelvi and Abrarul Haq are in politics and associated with the Imran Khan’s party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Well, he is hopeful for the next elections and on the other hand, his fans are congratulating him for his amazing step.

Here’s how Twitter reacted on Jawad Ahmed’s decision!

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jawad ahmed steps into the politics

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jawad ahmed announced political party

We really wish him best of luck!

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