This Pakistani Student Was Brutally Attacked in Australia & Left To Die In The Pool Of Blood

It seems like people are destroying this world with their own hands. No one knows the exact meaning of humanity. We are in the 21st century, where everyone is facing issues and one of them is a violence of human rights. From kidnapping to raping and throwing acids, the signs of inhumanity are increasing day by day. The same case with the Mehreen Ahmed, who was living in Perth. This Pakistani student was brutally attacked in Australia and left to die in the pool of blood.

This is Mehreen and on Friday night, she was found unconscious lying on the stairs of an apartment building in Perth.

mehreen ahmed in perth


Mehreen moved to Australia two years ago to study primary school teaching. She was bashed in the head by a guy, Eduardo Santos Abrahao Filho, she had just met.

This Pakistani Student Was Brutally Attacked in Australia


Mehreen and her friends returned to her apartment late at night and according to her friends she left to get cigarettes, but didn’t return.

guy attacked pakistani student in perth

Source: 7News

The guy behind this attack is under the custody. The hearing of the court will be held this Monday, in the presence of Mehreen’s close friends and Eduardo’s family. Meanwhile, her parents flew in from Dubai to be by her side as she fights to recover.

The police is still fighting to get Mehreen the justice, while she is in intensive care.

mehreen ahmed attacked by a guy in perth aus

Source: 7News

This brilliant Pakistani student was brutally attacked in Australia, is currently fighting for life. Our prayers are with the Mehreen Ahmad.

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