Pakistanis Roasted Rishi Kapoor Over His ‘India Will BLUE You’ Tweet On Pakistan’s Win

Pakistan beat England yesterday in the semi-finals and stunned everyone with amazing bowling and batting style. We have reached the finals of ICC Champions Trophy and everyone congratulated the cricket team. The entire nation of Pakistan praised the players for their fantastic performance. However, it’s like Indians are not happy with our victory and they have found it extremely difficult to digest our team’s performance in the semi-finals. Do you know what happened? Rishi Kapoor – the Indian man with a big mouth tweeted on Pakistan’s win, but Pakistanis roasted Rishi Kapoor when he went a bit over confident.

Pakistanis Roasted Rishi Kapoor

See how celebrities across the nation congratulated the Pakistani team.

pakistan beat england in semi finals

pakistani celebrities on victory

mawra hocane congratulated pakistani team

Rishi Kapoor did really a crap, but Pakistani’s know how to deal with it. Rishi uncle it was an epic fail. Maza Aya? You strange creature!

Here what he tweeted!

rishi kapoor tweet on pakistans victory

This should be the last tweet of Rishi, because we Pakistani’s know how to give a lesson!

Well done Fatima!

tweet on rishi kapoorNo toilet???????? Hawwwwrishi kapoor got bashed by pakistanisIt means, Auqaat Ma Raho!people insulted rishi kapoorFathers Day!pakistan vs england semi finalLoooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllpakistan in finals ICC Champions TrophyBaap Baap Hota Hai!baap baap hota hai

Forget Rishi Kapoor and let’s celebrate our win. Moreover, we wish best of luck to boys in green. 

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