Pakistan’s 1st No Fee University, Akhuwat Will Change The Lives Of Future Generations

Akhuwat was established in 2001 with the objective of providing interest free micro credit to the poor to enhance their standard of living. The organization started with a first loan of Rs. 10,000 which was given to a widow. This brave lady did not believe in charity, hence she asked for qarz e hasna. She purchased two sewing machines and started a small boutique in her house. She worked so hard that in six months she returned the loan. During this period she also ran her house and married one of her daughters. That was the beginning of what later became a movement.

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With the passage of time, Akhuwat has become one of the leading foundations of Pakistan, which seeks to alleviate poverty with the help of tools such as micro credit, education, emotional support, etc. Now, Pakistan’s first “No Fee University”, Akhuwat is going to change the lives of future generations.

Pakistan’s 1st No Fee University, Akhuwat

After the successful  implementation of Akhuwat Interest- Free Microfinance program, the  founders of Akhuwat realized that the effective uprooting of poverty would require a more grass-root level and powerful tool.

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Realizing this, Akhuwat started a new journey of changing lives in a way that would yield long-lasting impact and entered the domain of education

“Education is the Fundamental Right of every human being.

And it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone is getting one’s due right”

akhuwat foundation pakistan

Akhuwat – FIRST University

Akhuwat organized a dinner at Governor House, Lahore in support of Akhuwat University – Pakistan’s first, “No Fee University”. This event was attended by more than 1,800 distinguished guests including industrialists, social entrepreneurs, media personnel, educationists, government dignitaries, and notables from the corporate world and the banking industry. The esteemed donors, supporters, employees, and volunteers have worked tirelessly to make Akhuwat the largest interest free micro-finance institution of Pakistan. Their overwhelming generosity and compassion has reaffirmed Akhuwat’s commitment to provide free quality education for talented and needy students of Pakistan.

akhuwat annual dinner 2017Dr Amjad Saqib briefed the audience about the selfless work being done by Akhuwat in the field of education. Individuals understood the importance of education in nation building and pledged to play a constructive role in building the first “No Fees University of Pakistan”.

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After the success of Akhuwat College, where 133 students are getting a free quality education and boarding facilities, it is focused towards making Pakistan’s 1st no fee university, which is under construction. Since the funds are limited and the project can’t be completed without seeking support from generous people to achieve goal easily and at an early date. Future of Millions of families  is depending on this university as  by educating 1 person for free. It will definitely change the lives of future generations.

Akhuwat University is Pakistan's First Fee Free University


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Akhuwat will provide world-class education and modern facilities for underprivileged students.

The Pakistan’s 1st no fee university focus on,

“Buy a Brick, Build a University”

So donate in order to get world class education.

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