Parveen Saeed a Proud for Pakistan, 3 meal rupee for everyone!

Pakistani is a country where many disappointing incidents take place, but hope still exists. This woman ‘parveen saeed’ is an example of that hope for the country.

She is a respected social worker of this nation. She is truly doing a noble cause for the nation by providing the poor families in an honorable manner at a place named as ‘khana ghar’ which can be translated as Food House.

How did she start.


This woman who is the resident of Sujani town, heard news of women who had murdered her two children because she was unable to feed them, she could not watch them to slowly starve to death. This has made this woman think that there is enough food in Pakistan that none of the citizen need to take such a step for it. With this motivation she has launched khana ghar in 2002.

Where is it located.

Khana ghar is a small place which is a like a hut like restaurant and is located in khuda ki basti Karachi. This hut provides a full meal to any hungry person at the cost of 3 rupees only.

What is she doing.

She is such a down to earth personality who provides the poor families with the meals at very low costs, yet not free.

Not zero price.

This phenomenon of providing poor people with the low cost meal but not in zero rupee is amazing in itself. Because according to this humble woman, the integrity of the men remains if he is praying for this meal. Well that’s a great thought. Isn’t it?

Quality of food.

The quality of food that is served at this place is of the same standard as at any local hotel. This hotel is not only opened for the poor but for all the people irrespective of their class.

Expansion of business.


This social worker has slowly expanded this business and its operations. She is trying to help more and more people through this innovative venture.

Khana ghar provides the food to all the the low income areas as well as to the laborers who can fulfill their hunger in a very dignified manner by paying for it.

This woman is busy in doing this noble cause with the help of donations. Now people are moving forward to take part in this noble cause by helping this woman as much as they can.



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