Pathan Mazdoor Video On Breakup Song Is Giving Everybody A Tough Competition

To make videos and put them on social media is what everyone is doing these days. It’s a song, a dance, a mimicry or a funny stuff, everything is going viral and in other words, this trend has followed the buzz. Just like that, we are here to introduce you some talented guys from tribal area who can give everyone a tough competition. Yes, what they done is unbelievable, that has grabbed the attention of many people. By saying this, let us introduce to you Pathan Mazdoor video on breakup song.

This video is really breaking the internet and has shared and viewed by millions of people. Thumbs up to these guys for giving us such a viral performance.

Here’s Pathan Mazdoor video on breakup song, so have a look yourself. This will definitely give you fits of laughter.

Posted by Arman Khan on Tuesday, February 14, 2017


These men from tribal areas have proved us that anything entertaining could become famous on social media and they have done their performance beyond our expectations. The way they are carrying their music instruments shows us their lively spirits. Although they haven’t any knowledge about the related instruments, but their moves show they have perfection in every single beat.

The man on the mic is like Yeh.. yeh.. yeh karke dikhaao

pathan mazdoor video on breakup song

The lead singer in shalwar kameez, a drummer, a guitarist and pianist look like they’re performing in any concert. People are not getting over this Pathan Mazdoor video on breakup song because they have seriously done a superb job.

On the top, the smiles on their faces are really amusing to watch!

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