People dying with hunger and poverty, Lahore is going to have its own ‘Disneyland’ costing Rs. 36 billion

poverty in pakistan

Pakistan is a country where people are dying with poverty. There is no food available to eat, people are having no place to live. Country is full of terror attacks, prices are very high. On the other hand government has contracted with China to construct a Disneyland in Lahore which will cost 36 billion. This amount is a huge amount especially if the total budget of the country is considered in terms of education and other basic needs.

Time limit for completion of the project.


Disneyland in lahore

Chinese company is asked to complete this project within one and a half years. It will be constructed in the form of a theme park which will be having the facilities like a Disneyland. The agreement between the officials of Pakistan and China is signed on Thursday November 12, 2015.

Disneyland in India.

Disneyland in pakistan

The most interesting and shocking fact is that Pakistan used to compare itself with its neighbor country India, same with the case of India. You people will be shocked to know that the populated country India has no Disneyland,  Despite of the fact that the budget of India is quite higher than Pakistan but they never have thought about this thing. Rather they are spending the money onto the betterment of their people.

Details of the project.

details of Disneyland lahore

The project is named to be as sundar workers welfare complex phase 1. 2900 of its departments will be built for the industrial workers and laborers. This theme park will be having a mosque, a community center, separate schools for boys and girls and other amenities of life.

This project may seem to be good but the question rises that Pakistani government does have a lot of money to be spent on such mega projects?

If yes then why don’t they try to take steps for the betterment of the nation.

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