Portal Video Gaming Lounge Has Opened In Lahore & It’s The Most Luxurious One We Have Ever Seen

Pakistan is going towards more creativity and the innovation because the Portal Video Gaming Lounge has opened in Phase 5, DHA Lahore. As people tend to purchase many gaming devices, Lahore got the idea to open the multiplayer gaming cafe.

xbox cafe in lahore

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Many countries have giant gaming cafes to give people such home like experience, especially for those who are dedicated gamers. But Pakistan was unable to develop such gaming culture because in previous years, people tended to play games from home due to their fast internet, that ended the video game culture in Pakistan. Also, some games require fast internet connectivity like DOTA, Call of Duty, League of Legends came and many more.

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portal video gaming lounge

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The Portal Video Gaming Lounge Lahore has over 4 floors with different setups. It includes PCs, Xbox One S, PS4 Pros, Virtual Reality featuring Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. They have also installed the machines that are capable to run games at 4K resolutions.

portal video gaming cafe in dha lahore

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The set up is so luxurious that one doesn’t want to return back from the café. Each system in the Portal has latest components from Asus, Nvidia, Intel and Razor. It has opened in Defence and also known as the first gaming café in Pakistan with virtual reality experience through Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

gaming cafe in lahore

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To know more, here is official Facebook page. If you are a game lover, then this place is definitely for you!

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