This Syrian Woman Rap About Wearing Hijab Can Make You Really Happy

Nowadays, internet is the biggest source to display your rebellious streak freely. Just like this, Muslim women have been fearlessly portraying different ideas and views openly. Mona Haydar, Syrian woman rap about wearing hijab is something amazing to celebrate Muslim Women’s Day. She is a Syrian-American Muslim poet and activist, whose unique music video named as ‘Hijabi’ received a mind blowing support.

Mona is 28 and she put out the first rap song while she is 8 months pregnant. The purpose to release this video is to fight against the Islamophobia. And you know what music can do this better than anything else. The video has almost 700,000 Facebook views so far, enough to catch fire on the internet.

pregnant syrian woman rap about wearing hijab

Syrian Woman Rap About Wearing Hijab Music Video

This song is directed by artist and a songwriter Tunde Olaniran. Mona Haydar, who will be seen with the squad of Muslim women wearing hijab and raps to celebrate the diversity of Muslim women around the world.

Olaniran said,

“I just want to celebrate with my sisters, especially women who wear hijab in this country are very under attack. What I’ve observed about Mona is not only is she facing challenges from white America, (but) in the Muslim community, people are saying This is haram (forbidden). You shouldn’t be doing this. And she just wants to let other women know it’s OK to stand up for yourself.”

The video seriously slam all the haters with powerful lyrics which say, “What that hair look like? Bet that hair look nice. Don’t that make you sweat? Don’t that feel too tight?”

She continues: “So even if you hate, I still wrap my hijab, wrap my hijab, wrap my hijab…Keep swaggin my hijabis, Swag-swaggin my hijabis.”

mona american-syrian Muslim woman

Seriously, these women are just epic. Watch out yourself!

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