Princess Lady Diana – Amazing and Interesting Facts

Wonderful lady connected with the heart of all the people of the world is none other than Lady Diana. She is the famous and highly adored Princess of Wale, also known as “People’s Princess”. In the history, if there is any mysterious and highly recognized personality, then you must remember this ultimate queen.

Not only she is kind hearted her looks and stunning beauty is just awesome. Her life was also an example of private struggles and utmost dark relations which you must know. Here we have mentioned amazing and interesting facts of Princess Diana. Have a look at them!

1. The Princess Lady Diana failed in her studies of O’levels twice and she agreed that she had very poor academic records in the past.

Princess Lady Diana


2. The stepmother of Diana was Raine who was very famous for being the daughter of a popular romance novelist named as Barbara Cartland.

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3. She also worked as a teacher, governess and as a nanny. Moreover, in her school she won an award for taking good care of sick pig. She was famous for societal care and worked for welfare of people.

diana love for people


4. At engagement, the beautiful princess choose a large jewel of euros 94,800 according to today’s terms. It was consisted of 14 solitaire diamonds which is now assembles on another beautiful princess Kate Middleton’s finger.

princess diana engagement


5. Like other women, lady Diana was famous to be the fashion icon in her times and her style was followed by other popular women also.

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6. Her famous wedding was seen by the 750 million people worldwide and this wedding was broadcast in 74 countries in 1981.

lady diana wedding


7. Her relatives and friends were also famous and rich. The friends of lady Diana were so dear and close to her which includes Gianni Versace, Elton John, Bryan Adams, George Michael and many more. She had an extremely superb nature which made her a good friend.

famous princess of wales


8. She was famous for her ways of charities because her heart was so kind to the poor and she supported over 100 charities all over the world.

diana love for poor


9. Princess Lady Diana died in 1977 and her funeral was watched by 2.5 billion people approximately. She was in the black long dress with rosary bead which was given to her by Mother Teresa. Her grave is on a beautiful island in the round oval lake.

funeral of diana


10. At her funeral, her closest friend Singer Elton John dedicated a song “Candle In the Wind” to this sweet lady.

Princess Lady Diana


Diana grew up next to the royal family Queen Elizabeth II and her family at a mansion next to the Sandringham state of the royal family. Diana and Prince Andrew were childhood playmate, but Prince Charles was 12 years older than Lady Diana. After Diana’s parents’ divorce, she was only eight and her father got the custody of four children. The separation doesn’t go well for Diana because of her stepmother and she started ignoring school because of this. According to some reports, the lady found interest in ballet and she had the picture of Prince Charles on the wall of her room at school. Diana was 16, when she met Prince Charles and according to sources, he had dated her older sister Sarah, but Diana was too young for him to date.

Diana soon left school and moved to London, where she worked as  a nanny, housekeeper and kindergarten teacher’s aide. She started living in a house purchased by his father with her roommates and in 1980, Diana met Charles again when she visited her sister, whose husband worked for the queen. Soon they began to date and right after six months he proposed the Lady Diana.

Princess Diana always hesitated about being in the public eye from her childhood, but despite this, she immediately began making public appearances after her marriage. She gave birth to two sons in 1982 and 1984 and struggled with bulimia, due to which she dropped thirty pounds weight after the birth of Prince William.

In 1992, the Diana’s biography revealed that Charles had a long affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and due to this, Diana had made suicide attempts.

After this, by December, with the consent of Queen and other government officials, they decided for a legal separation and planned for a divorce. The news of divorce became final in August of 1996 and settlements were made, which included about $23 million for Diana and $600,000 per year.

The beautiful lady died on 1997 August, 31 in Paris when her car went out of control in a Paris tunnel, chased by paparazzi and crashed. The horror and shock spread everywhere after the crash and the entire blame went to paparazzi photographers who were following the princess’ car and driver was also in a hurry to escape from them. After Diana’s death, her family established a charitable fund in her name and received $150 million in donations within a week.

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