10 Problems Only Left Handed People Could Understand In Their Life

Let’s face it: the world is so difficult for left handed people. These people have exclusive ratio that makes up only about 10% of the total population. You don’t have any choice. You can’t train yourself to be right handed. There are many things left handed people face that we righties do not. From keyboards to bike helmets to use scissors, everything is just complicated. Despite all the difficulties, must know that you lefties are said to be the multi-taskers and smarter than others.

So, why not to look at problems only you people will understand? Trust us, these are funny too!

1. Always got a stain on the side of your left hand. The real struggle.

left handed people

2. The most common problem you lefties experience is constantly trying and failing to use right handed writing desks.

disadvantages of being a keft handed person

3. When you drink from someone else’s glass on a dinning table.

drink from someones else glass

4. To write on spiral notebook is ultimately a deadly task.

spiral notebooks for left handed

5. When people told you that being left handed, you will die nine years earlier than right handed people.

problems of left handed people

6. Getting asked every time you pick your pen or pencil, “Oh are you left-handed?”

when people ask you questions

7. Realizing you are just pushing the wrong side of the door.

pushing wrong side of door

8. Elbow battle is just your future. So be aware with whom you are going to sit.

elbow battle with right handed people

9. When you find out your favorite celebrity is also a lefty. An exciting moment though!

tom cruise left handed

10. And the issue with bottle opener is must.

bottle opener left handed people

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