Punjab Govt And Its Priorities,Pakistan Is Going Into Debt

Punjab government is spending a huge amount of public taxes onto the construction projects. First it has made the metro bus in Lahore , Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Now they are all set to build Orange Train which is giving nothing to the public but taking their own properties from them. Public has protested against this project multiple times but nobody pays attention to it.

The launching cost of metro bus.

metro bus budget

The metro bus project was launched at a cost of Rs 30 billion. This construction project was having a long route of 27 kilo meter in the Lahore city. Till now this is world’s highly costed metro bus project.

Punjab Government facing loss on daily basis.

metro daily loss

Metro bus is causing a daily loss of Rs 5 million to the Punjab government if the sources believed to be reliable. This is not end they are dragging Pakistan into more debt by Orange Train project.

Government Paying Rs 5 subsidy for just one route.

metro bus aithjaj

The news sources have clarified that Punjab Government is paying a subsidy of 5 rupees per day for just one route of metro bus. There are more than 50 routes left in the same city and government is doing nothing for them, so it must be said that more that 80% of the people of Lahore don’t have the transport facility.

Government snatching homes from poor just for Orange Train track.

Orange Train track homeless

For constructing the orange train, government is most interested to take the properties of public either it is their residence or shops. Public is not ready to leave their property as it is not fair, they demand to provide them with new houses and government didn’t give any answer regarding that.

This order was given in an area named as Parachute colony, it was claimed that Shahbaz Sharif is ready to give Rs 10 lac per house.

What we need clean water or orange train?

orange train or clean water

Government has forgotten what is right and what is wrong in its own craze of construction. When people are giving taxes, they are not able to get clean water and clean food. Government is unable to provide people with the basic necessities.

For this project, government is using Police force and state machinery to move the residents of Parachute colony out of their houses. Civil society is protesting against this cruel step of government but there is no affect on them.

A government official has recently said:

“If the Parachute colony residents will not leave their houses in a couple of days, they will not get the compensation even.”

The attitude of government towards the state is arrogant.

punjab govt arrogancy

It can be identified easily that government is behaving so arrogantly with not only the citizens of Parachute colony but with rest of the citizens who are facing the blockage of traffic on their daily ways.

What the citizens will get by these trains and buses.

poverty in pakistan

People are dying with poverty. They don’t have the basic necessities like Health facilities, Electricity, Water, Gas then how these transport services can help them fulfill their basic needs. Government needs to analyze its strategy of constructing all the time, rather they should work for the rights of its citizens.

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