10 Epic Famous Dialogues from Bollywood Movies In Our Desi Situations

Many times our own language is not enough to express something to a person next to us so the best way for this is to pick any Bollywood dialogue in such situations. Sometimes, it depends which type of person are you talking with and in case if he or she is a serious one don’t try these dialogues because some dialogues are too risky like, “THAPPAR SE DARR NI LAGTA SAHB, PYAR SE LAGTA HAI”

Lets have a look on these epic dialogues that are too awesome to use in our real life Desi situations which we have collected for you and comment below which is your favorite one.

1. When you accidentally fail in your exam, just keep quite and repeat this dialogue.

bollywood dialogue

2. When your Desi mother cooks your favorite food in the dinner.

mogambo khush hwa

3. Because your parents know that no girl will marry an idiot like you.

common man power

4. When you came home late at night and your father is standing in front of you, your reaction will be.

all is well

5. When your parents are worried about you YEH LARKA TOH HAMARI SAMAJH SE BAHAR HAI.

best bollywood dialogue

6. When you are known as KAAM CHORR and don’t like to do any work. Your mother’s reaction will be THAPPAR MAARUN GI so you just react.


7. When your teacher asked you that who is your favorite star.

funny bollywood dialogue

8. When your parents forced you to marry your KHALA KI BETI, but you love anyone else.


9. When your stomach is full because you have done too much over eating.

epic bollywood dialogue

10. When your friend touches your laptop, just shout.

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