10 Favorite Breakup Lame Excuses Of Every Guy

This world is full of the creepiest things and sometimes these things just converted into lame stuff that are too difficult to handle. Yes, I am talking about that lame things which guys used to do at the time of the breakup.

Some guys don’t know how to make creative things and how to produce guts to say anything powerful to their girlfriends at the time of the breakup.

Here we want to show you some funny, but lame things by guys.

The famous dialogue which guys feel very relaxed to speak is, You are too good, actually the fault is only in my personality.

lame excuses by boyfriend

Lots of tears are very common to melt a girl’s heart, but all in vein.

boyfriend lame excuses

I am not up to your level.

lame excuses

I can’t marry you, my parents want me to marry my cousin.

breakup excuses

I am not that much mature to marry. Firstly, I want to study more and it will take too much time to study and then find a good job. Don’t wait for me.

guy breakup lame excuses

Listening to sad songs all the time.

boyfriend lies

Will love to ignore that girl.

ignoring girlfriend

That guy will be lucky, to whom you will marry.

lucky weeding boy

Cigarettes will be their’s new girlfriend during breakup.

after breakup

We can be only friends if you want.

boyfriend lame excuses

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