12 Signs To Prove That You Hate To Be A Morning Person

As a child, our favorite hobby was to sleep till late morning to get rid of school, but our parents always dragged us to the toilet and warned us to get ready. That was the most hilarious feeling as a child and as a youngster too. If we talked about the recent picture of our hobbies, we can easily say that we hate to be a morning person.

Now, despite the too much effort, no one has the power to wake us up because mornings are made to sleep rather to wake  up early. For a non-morning person, we have collected some signs which will prove that you absolutely hate to be a morning lover.

1. The scary voice of alarm will burn your ass because you just want to sleep more. Then your main target will be to snooze the alarm again and again.

 scary voices of alarm

2. The awkward feeling when you wake up early in the morning and face the cold water touch in winters.

awkward feelings in morning

3. When anybody proves in front of you that he/she is so happy in the morning. You loved to slap those people.

early morning problems

4. The voice of people singing right after the wake up will blow your mind.

morning singing

5. You hate to crack any joke in the morning, nor anyone has the courage to do so in front of you.

 jokes in the morning

6. All the questions asked by anyone will make your blood pressure higher.

early morning questions

7. Waking up early for the morning walk is impossible for you.

impossible morning walk

8. You love to sleep late at night.

 sleep late at night

9. You will wait for the weekends whole week because your goal is to sleep all the weekends.

weekend happiness

10. The ugh moment when you get disturbed because of the people’s conversation when you are sleeping.

disturbance in early morning

11. You are always late for your work. Happening again and again!

late for work

12. In the end, you always feel proud of what you are.

early morning awake

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