12 Things Every Guy Want To let His Future Wife Know

Marriage is another name of compromise, happiness, sorrow and sweet wishes, but everyone knows that the couple must want to let each other know some things before marriage for awesome future. It’s quite difficult, but it can give the couple ecstasy and equal partnership in every matter.

So, to get rid of after shocks, you should clear all the things before marriage in any way to know each other better. Here is the list of 12 things every guy wants to let his future wife know by assuring the love in the future.

1. My home will be also yours, so you can wear what you want to wear after marriage. You will be free to wear according to your comfort level and happiness.

future wife qualities


2. We will enjoy our life outside our marriage, we will be free to hang out with our friends any time without any restrictions. You can go with your friends and same will go for me.

husband wife hang out


3. I know every girl loves to do shopping, despite the fact that I really don’t like it, but I will give you company while shopping.

wife husband shopping


4. We will equally spend time in the kitchen also, I will help you with kitchen stuff like washing dishes.

wife husband in kitchen


5. We can cook together and sometimes you can order me to cook.

husband cooking for wife


6. You can feel free of sharing with me anything and I will help you out in your problem.

husband wife sharing problems


7. We will take one vacation every year for some excitement and it will be compulsory.

husband wife on vacation


8. We will go for a late night dinner every week at our’s favorite place.

late night dinner with wife


9. There will not be any pressure to conceive. It’s compulsory to know your decision of having a baby.

husband wife decision


10. I want you to trust me and I will trust you on a single stage of our life.

husband wife trust


11. We will also keep in mind our careers and there will be no limitations.

husband wife future


12. Yours family + My family = Ours family

husband wife family

These 12 points are just mind blowing that can help every couple to spend the life with full joy and pure understanding.

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