12 Tiny Moments With HIM That Will Make You Say Awwww

Are you single? Do you have a boyfriend? Or involve in any other relationship? One must say that these questions just lead to some memories or moments that you don’t want to forget ever. The first time HE gave you a flower, the first time HE wink towards you by smiling, the first time HE kisses you is as adorable as your relation is!

These moments will stay with you and you will always feel happy after reminding them all. Here we have collected some tiny moments with HIM that will make you say Awwww.

Have a look at them!

The first time HE looked at me with the smile on his face.

Tiny Moments With life partner

The first time HE accepted that he loves me.

tiny moments

The first time HE brought me a lunch in my university and office, because he knows I can’t live without food.

small beautiful moments

The first time HE gave me a lift to my home.

beautiful moments with life partner

The first time HE told his cousins and friends about our relationship.

relationship gossips

The first time HE gave me chocolates.

chocholate friend

The first time HE called me by my nickname.


The first time HE gave me gifts.

gifts for boyfriend

The first time HE told his parents about us.

tiny moment with dad

The first time HE praised me in front of everyone.

praising girlfriend

The first time HE sent me his shirtless picture.

shirtless moments with wife

The first time HE said that you look beautiful in every avatar.

avatar girl friend

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