14 Things Only Rondu Girls Who Cry Easily Can Understand

This world is full of talented people and among them, these are those who have the talent to cry easily in any situation; these are none other than Girls and we have given them a title i-e Rondu. Sometimes it’s your damn tears which made you classy rondu, not your feelings.

We have collected some situations that only rondu girls who cry easily can understand, but keep one thing in your mind that you are not going to cry after reading this article. Thumbs up!

1. When you are so mad and you just want to cry and scream all the way, but people make you more angry by saying “Don’t be sad”.

Don’t be sad

2. Tears, tears and tears. There are happy tears and sad tears too, probably the crocodile tears.

 crocodile tears

3. The situation when everyone just informs you that you cry too much. Ugh!

too much cry

4. You just loved to cry and learnt to not feel ashamed even in the public too.

girls love to cry

5. The mascara problem is always there for you, so say yes to waterproof mascara.

mascara problem of girls

6. That moment when you remember all the things which make you cry, so you cry because of it.

girl weeping

7. Sometimes you don’t want to cry, but you cry unwillingly.

girl cry unwillingly

8. You are a true movie picker and you know which movie to watch that don’t make you cry, but still…

movie picker girl crying

9. You love to soak your tears into your favorite stuffs like, your teddy bear, your pillow or even your boyfriend’s shirt.

girl soaking tears

10. You are a good listener and feel proud to lend your shoulder to your friend.

proud girl listening

11. Even during the fight, you can prove that you are a true random.

girl crying during fightv

12. Tissues are your best friend and even partner, in crime.

weeping girl and tissues

13. Your timing of crying is just superb and people always wait to see you in tears in any situation.

girl weeping timing

14. The worst thing is when someone asks, Hey, why are you crying? You moron! Don’t you see that I am a human.

fucking girl crying

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