8 Epic Addictions Everyone Wants To Have

We all know that smoking, drugs, robbery is one of the most dangerous addictions, everyone wants to get rid of. There are some addictions which people love to adopt in any age of their life. These are actually funny, but in the end, we can realize that its horrible too to some extent.

From shopping to internet addiction, if you once addicted to these things, then you will not find any way to leave these again so adopt everything in normal quantity. Here we have some epic addictions that everyone wants to have again and again in their life. No matter men or women, addiction is an addiction, it doesn’t watch any gender.

1. Addicted to smart phones.

Today’s generation is just stuck to smartphones. They don’t have any idea what they are actually doing, for every minute of their life they want smart phone to put some stuff. Not only young ones, the old people are also getting into it.

smartphone addiction

2. Addicted to shopping.

Well, this is only the task of women who cannot live without some sort of shopping. Shopping, shopping and shopping is all their tongue wants to speak about.

shopping addition

3. Addicted to social media.

Are you addicted to social media? Are you putting statuses of your every moment whether you are happy, sad, enjoying, eating, sleeping or even in the toilet? THAT’S ABSOLUTELY BEYOND MADNESS!

 Addicted to social media

4. Addicted to junk food.

If you are not afraid of gaining your weight, then go ahead, but one thing to worry about is too much junk food is actually not so good.

Addicted to junk food

5. Addicted to take a bath again and again.

Winter or summer! Which is your’s favorite season to bath too much? I think both. I have seen people who love to bath for more than 2 hours continuously. Ridiculous!

Addicted to take a bath

6. Great addiction to use branded products.

Brands have given the people a new life to show off with the full potential. You will be happy too if you live without using branded stuff every time.

addiction to use branded products

7. Addiction to lying every time is so serious.

Don’t lie otherwise crow will bite you! So lying all the time could actually harm you.

Addiction to lying every time

8. Addiction to put over makeup on face, extremely goes to the ladies.

Why natural beauty is lost somewhere? Many ladies just prefer to spend their lives with too much makeup on their face, no matters they are looking horrible. They just pretend that they are looking awesome.

makeup addiction

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