8 Funny Things Shown in Indian Dramas

Indian dramas are always in the demand not for Indian people only, but also in all over the world. Here the main thing to think about is that what is the future of Indian dramas?. It depends whether people are going to love these dramas more in the near future or not.

If we compare the Indian dramas with the Pakistani dramas, we come to know that people are tired with Indian dramas as compared to Pakistani ones because of fake things that happened in Indian dramas. We have summed up these fake things in a funny way that shown in Indian dramas, especially on TV channel STAR PLUS on a daily basis.

Have a look at these creepy things!

1. Indian aunties in dramas are always wrapped up in heavy dresses, dark makeup and lots of jewelry which seems that are going to attend any wedding.

indian dramas funny cloths

And she will sleep in the same avatar.

2. The Indian Dramas are always endless and their episodes lead to thousands of millions of days, despite the fact that this will result into boring stuff.

big episodes indian dramas

Even after a huge distance of 10 years, all the cast will look younger than before. ITS MAGIC!

3. The families in Indian dramas always have the villain whether man or woman who will love to destroy the SUKH SHAANTI of the family.

villein in every indian dramas

He will love to hire the professional killer to kill his enemy. WOW kitna asaan hai maarna.

4. Too many marriages! In Indian dramas marriages are done on a regular basis, even some time one woman can marry four men in order to give her family happiness.

funny things in indian dramas

She married four different gentlemen in one drama. REST IN PEACE!

5. Indian dramas are not realistic. People often seem like prince and princess where they have too much wealth and assets like 500 crore.

indian dramas unrealistic

They will always talk in ‘crore’ because they live in a palace and act like MAHARAJAS AND MAHARANIS.

6. The cast in dramas never dies, even if they did, they came back after too many years to take revenge.

indian dramas funny thin

The old ones in Indian dramas live more than 110 years. Uffff goosebumps

7. Plastic surgeries are so common in these dramas that everyone can change her or his identity.

plastic surgeries in indian dramas

Abhey pagal hai kiya?

8. The utterly butterly Bakwas dialogues in dramas make the actors creepiest.

bakwas dialogues in indian dramas

Sarvinaash? Waqayye? Why too much atyachar?

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