8 Irritating Maasi Problems every Pakistani Bear

In Pakistan, we all know that there are many problems which will be definitely solved with the passing of time, but let us take this article to the super hot topic of Pakistani families especially for women which is “MAASI”. Having a maid is very luxurious, but it will make you lazy too so being a Pakistani a home cannot be completed without having a maasi.

Every Maasi have just annoying lame excuses which can be unbearable for Desi women so have a look at these 8 irritating problems.

1. The Top Foremost Problem

When you shift to the new house, the biggest problem is to hire some Desi maid which is the top difficult task.

Top Foremost Problem of maasi

 2. Want a High Salary

Every maasi wants a high salary whether they know any work or not, everything else comes after this for a maid. Not only this, the so called maasi also want advance payment.

salary problem of maasi

 3. Want a Pakki Holiday in a Week

A maid also wants a fix holiday in a week and in Pakistan this day is super Sunday. Worry? Well, this is very funny because these so called maid have hundreds of excuses to get a holiday on other days also.

maids holiday problem

4. Maasi or Super Women?

Other than Sunday, your maasi will also act as super women who can do whatever she want. Whether it’s any festival or strike, she will definitely forget to come to you.

super woman maid

5. Oh Yes! Other Event of Excuse

The Pakistani Maids are just awesome in lying so clearly. They must have events in every week of the month through which they can easily go to leave.

lying maids

6. Don’t Even Work Well

Besides all the excuses and demands the maids never perform their duties well and always love to bargain on all topics.

maids demands funny

7. Love To Waste Everything

If you have a maid you will surely experience that your stuffs are getting ended before the completion of a month. Well! Don’t worry, it’s your maid who does this and thinks you have lots of money to buy all things again.

creepy maid

 8. Miserable Acts or Awful Sounds

You will always find your maid doing miserable acts like break the utensils or make everything creepy. So if you ever hear any sound of glass breaking, its your maid.

dramatic maids

So which maid do you have at your home?

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