8 Types Of Creepy Statuses On Facebook!!

When you are doing nothing and feeling some sort of craziness in your life, the ultimate solution is to open your Facebook account and do whatever you want. You are free to post anything because there is not any rule book to follow on Facebook. Sometimes you should not post some creepy things which results in the risk of trouble at the end.

Here we have 8 types of statuses that you should not post on Facebook.

1. The Spooky Relationship Status

“I am in a relationship and my boyfriend is so hot” Oh really? Did we ask to share your personal and pathetic life?

Spooky Relationship Status

2. Posting Such Boring Stuffs But Behaves Like It Is Very Interesting

“I was so busy today I had a lot of work at home, oh my God. I took a healthy breakfast along my family then went to pick some grocery near the home and do you know what I am too much tired now.”

Do you really think these all madness seems interesting? No!

Boring Stuffs

3. Health Related Status

“I made a salad and I am on diet friends. Have a look at my plate.” Will your weight be reduced too fast if you post such dramatic stuff? What a mess!

Health Related Status


4. Feeling Sick Status

“Feeling ill. Having too much flue, cough, body pain and also a 103 temperature. Pray for me peeps.” Why you reacting like Facebook is your doctor?

Feeling Sick Status

5. The Foody Status

“What an awesome day! Eating a lot… feeling full.” This is really creepy to share this sort of food status with social media.

The Foody Status

6. The Bored Status

“Oh, I am feeling bored.” If  you are feeling bored then what are you doing on Facebook? Go and get your life.

The Bored Status

7. The Crying Status

“I want to die cannot live in this world anymore, crying.” AWWW bye bye and please leave this earth.

The Crying Status

8. The Angry Threatening Status

“Feeling angry, Some people have double standards, I will kill those assholes so this is the time to block them. You Monster” SHUT UP YOU WASTE MATERIAL!

 Angry Threatening Status

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