Best Places For Tourists In Dubai – Awesome Attractions

Have you ever thought to visit Dubai? Well! It’s an amazing plan to make in order to enjoy marvelous places in Dubai with your loved ones. The place of super buildings with magnificent outpost will definitely blow your minds and eyes.

Dubai is a superb destination to enjoy sunshine, gardens, beaches and fun parks. The cultural highlights with modern touch has something for you to see and praise. We have collected the list of the best places from Dubai for tourists so check these things to do in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa

The biggest momentous building of Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world at 829.8 m. The view from the top of this building across the sky is just stunning that gives a pleasure to one’s eye side. The 360 degree view of this building will show you the best sites with desert on one side and ocean on the other side.

If you ever visit Dubai must sure to capture lots of photographs in the night to enjoy the spectacular beauty of this building.

burj khalifa top dubai place

2. Palm Jumeirah

A man made Palm Jumeirah is the new place in the list of the famous attractions of Dubai. The awesome island has the number of activities to do for the tourists that will keep them indulge into. The amazing markets to shopping malls and luxurious resorts have something fantastic.

The incredible Palm leads to many ways to different attractions so if you plan to go to Dubai must visit this excitement Palm.

best place in dubai Palm Jumeirah

3. Dubai Museum

The memorable museum of Dubai is located in Al-Fahidi Fort which was built in 1787. The walls of the fort are built of coral blocks which gives the wonderful touch of traditions. The amazing floors and superb ceiling give something unique hint to the whole fort.

The entrance exhibit old maps of the Dubai and Emirates with traditional boats and musical instruments that depict the cultural lifestyle. Add this place to your guide and must visit to enhance your knowledge.

top place of dubai

4. Jumeirah Mosque

This mosque is known as the most beautiful mosque amongst many. It’s the copy of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo that shows the perfect example of Islamic culture. The stone work on this building shows the fact that how superbly it has been constructed.

The attractiveness of this mosque will be shown more beautifully in the evening when the light sparkled all the way.

best place for tourists in dubai

5. Ski Dubai

Have you ever experienced the indoor fun of snow? This time Dubai is giving you the best and first indoor ski resort where you can enjoy snow, skiing and many other activities. There is not any age limit for this fun, young or old everyone can go there to experience something new.

It has the mountain theme that gives you the offer to enjoy snow throughout the year. Here you will be given all the clothes and winter equipment’s so you can enjoy all the day and night.

best places in dubai

6. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

With 140 species of sea life, Dubai Aquarium is the amazing tourist attraction where all the species have placed in the huge tank on the ground floor of the superb Dubai Mall. If you want to view these all enter the Underwater Zoo and walk on the fine tunnels available in the aquarium.

This is the best place for those who love to attract with these water species where many diving activities are also on offer.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Its quite sure that after reading this article you will die to watch these amazing places once in your life. Comment below for your favorite one!

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