FAALTU Situations While living in Desi Joint Family

Joint family system prevails too much in Desi families in Pakistan who cannot ever think to live alone. There are lots of people in this type of family system like many chachoo, chachi, many taaya, taaye, dada, dadi, phupho and infinite children.

With all these members, you must face strange situations which force you to shout WTH. You cannot even do anything with full freedom because every one will interfere with your work. The big home with lots of rooms will definitely make your life, but sometimes these things can become so creepy.

Have a look at these FAALTU situations you must face if you are living in Desi joint family.

1. When you want to do anything, but can’t do because of the noise and the existence of too many people around you. The next step is to ignore everyone.

joint family system problems

2. That moment when you greet everyone individually and if you want to tell anything to anyone you should go to every person living in a house otherwise SABKA MOOD KHARAB.

joint family system get together

3. In a joint family, nothing is personal because there is too much interference of people near you especially the female ones.

joint family system interference

4. Don’t even think to eat anything alone because someone is looking you secretly and when you will start eating she or he will grab you.

joint family system problems

5. The women in your family are experts in gossips and they can talk unlimited about other members in the family.

gossips expert woman

6. The food in your family will be made in a huge amount for all the members living in the family and for this you have to awake early in the morning.

joint family system food

7. Behind all the love, the members in the family love to fight on each single thing. If they pretend to like each other then be sure KUCH TOH LOCHHA HAI!

joint family system fights

8. The one meal in a day is compulsory to eat together with all the family members otherwise the older members get mad at the younger ones.

joint family system eating together

9. Ladies in joint family always want to work together with too much talk whether it’s time to cook food or cutting vegetables.

ladies in joint family system

10. With all these situations, sometimes you want to stay alone in your room and seek for some comfort.

living alone in joint family system

What type of Desi family do you live in? Vote for your favorite situation.

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