Desi Moms Or Hamara Bechara Mobile Phone

We all know that how loving and caring our Desi moms are who just want to make us perfect, but sometimes their reaction is just bizarre. When they lose their patients then think twice to speak in front of them. These moms are so amazing to handle every situation by lame excuses where they know how to make their children quite and proved themselves the queen of the house.

For our Pakistani Desi mothers the reason behind every problem is just simple i-e; our mobile phones. Lets have a look at these creepy situations and be aware not to use a mobile phone in front of your mommy otherwise no one can save you from her long lasting lecture.

1. When you are ill and your Desi mom becomes a scary creature by telling you the reason behind this illness.

desi moms blame mobile phones

2. Because its time to give you the long lecture and the lame reason is you are sleeping till the late morning. Didn’t wake up?

desi moms and mobile phone

3. The other situation when you are using the phone and your mother is calling you again and again in the kitchen for her help. Let’s see what will happen.

moms and cell phones

4. If your Desi mommy is scolding you for your mobile phone be aware that you must be standing quite with lower eyes otherwise you will rest in peace.

mom and my mobile phone

5. Because you are interfering in your mom’s talk by correcting her mistakes. “Mom its mobile not MOBEYYL”.

punjabi moms pronunciation

6. You complain to your mom about your bad skin and dark circles around the eyes and this time the culprit will be the same YOUR MOBILE PHONE.

desi mothers and mobile phone

7. Her way of asking a question is mere a trick to make you shame because she dislikes your mobile phone and your arguments.

cell phone and ammi

8. She always thinks that if you are on the phone you have any affair. THE BIG TROUBLE! KERI MAA NAAL LAGA HOYA AE??

desi mom blaming my mobile

Have you ever trapped in any situations like above mentioned troubles? Comment below.

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