PAKISTANI AUNTIES Or Unki 10 Bataian!!!

We all once had faced the big desi pakistani aunties criticism in our daily lives, actually in our personal life. They just loved to interfere by asking awkward questions that we just wanted to do suicide or hit ourselves.

Why are they too much tensed about our lives that our own parents are not so? It’s really a time to stop them to ask such creepy questions.

Here we have 10 situations that proved that these aunties will not stop in any case. It’s UNPOSSIBLE. I mean IMPOSSIBLE!

1. Attacking on a single girl every time to marry soon.


2. Attacking on a University going girl and think they have many boyfriends.


3. Attacking on a girl who loves to travel.


4. Attacking on a new married couple. Hey, where is your family planning? Like seriously dude?

new married pakistani aunties

5. Attacking on a girl whose husband is in abroad as everyone knows about the foreign rules, but these aunties will still love to ask this question.

pakistani aunties attack

6. Attacking on fresh graduate and behave like these aunties are going to give everyone’s job. BLAHH!

sexy pakistani aunties

7. Attacking a girl who is a little bit brown and acts like that aunty is herself a princess.

pakistani aunties k chonchalay

8. Attacking a fat girl every time.

fatty pakistani aunties

9. Fat or slim? Double standards. Attacking a slim girl too.

Double standard aunties

10. Attacking a girl who is very fashionable.

fashionable pakistani aunties

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