Top 6 Completely Horrible Movies Of All The Time

Do you love to see horror movies that can shake your whole body with the full fear and terrifying looks? Its time to bring fear to you with the list of horror movies of all the time you must want to see before you die.

These movies will completely make you mad with the frustrating creepy characters and awful sounds that will not let you sleep alone. Get ready to feel regret after watching the posters of movies. So which movie do you want to see alone at night?

1. The Exorcist

The typical horror movie revolves around the innocent girl controlled by an evil was released in 1973. Once you watch this movie you can’t forget the scenes of the child with scary movements and creepy face. It also includes the revolving head and spider walk scenes which become very famous by the audience. It had been released more than 40 years back, but people still remember because it was based on the horrible novel by Willam Peter Blatty.

most horrible movie


2. Poltergeist

Released in 1982, Poltergeist had just nailed all the records of being horrified. Must watch this movie if you didn’t watch it before and enjoy the evil which is faceless so be sure that you should have some sort of company with you to watch this movie. This movie revolves around the family whose peaceful life are disturbed because of some evil existence.

Watch this movie and you will feel that your home stuff is going to become creepy and scary too.

Poltergeist horrible movie


3. The Blair Witch Project

This scary film was released in 1999 with the vision to show people the real fear of some characters rather than putting a variety of vampires, serial killers or werewolves. This movie gives the audience a terrific experience and the hype which it created was extremely tremendous.

Must watch this movie in order to feel something different.

top horrible movie


4. The Sixth Sense

The story is about the scared little boy who have power to see the dead people and sees a connection of them with the world of living. The Sixth Sense was released in 1999 and got great success worldwide. The creepy factor of this movie was the extraordinary sense of a little boy who became a channel of great evils.


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5. Hellraiser

One of the spookiest movie where a weird character revolves around a skinless man who has returned from his dead. He told his girlfriend to whom he used to love in his life to give blood to restore himself to life completely. For next scenes you should watch this movie to find the end result that what actually this movie is about.

extremely horrible movie


6. It

Based on the weird and creepy clown who traps all the children away and never seen by anyone again. The clown spreads a high terror among the people, which proves that why people fear clowns. To get rid of this, all the children plans to destroy this clown and free themselves from all the evil deeds.

To rate the scariness of the movie, you must have to watch it once.

number one horrible movie


Horror movies are getting popular year by year to make us frighten for the whole life. These movies really give us fears, but we still love watching them whether alone or with our partner. These movies are worth watching so don’t afford to miss them.

Every moment in these films is filled with fear that can send shivers down your spine. Other than this, must watch scariest movies like, The Omen, Alien, Ring, Funny Games, Paranormal Activity, The Silence Of The Lambs, Saw, The Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Orphanage, Carrie, The Babadook, The Fly, Petergeist and many more. This type of horror genre is liked by every age of person and it has been around for many decades. Whether you like a classic horror or a new one with paranormal activities, there are thousands of movies to change your mood into a horrible one. Mixing scares, blood attacks, creepy laughs and existence of the freaky children and adults will definitely make you scared, but you will love watching them.

Could anything be more creepy than these movies? Are you the toughest horror movie audience? Prove it!

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