Top 7 LOL Dress Up Costumes For Parties

Dressing is the name of elegance if you have a good sense of it you can beat others, but some people can go beyond the craziness in wearing awkward dress up costumes that are just hilarious to watch. Colorful clothes and  difficult to wear dresses are just insisting us to bang our head on the wall.

Have a look at these dressings and yell with your full effort!

1. For Pizza Lovers

Have you ever thought to dress up like pizza? Well after you wear it keep one thing in mind that no one can bite you. This is just hilarious!

pizza costume

2. Ballerina Costume for Adults

All know that this is most suitable for women dancers, but here the situation is different when you think of looking funny as compared to others at the party this outfit is best suited for you. Try once this dress in your life!

barella costume

3. Girl or a Cupcake

Cupcakes are the sort of addiction for girls, especially the chocolate and strawberry ones. This is the same picture of the cupcake which you people love to eat, but this time it’s the girl under strawberry cupcake. She is looking just pretty and awesome.

Cupcake girl costume

4. The Sexiest Popeye’s Olive

The Popeye’s olive outfit is the most sexiest to wear to look beautiful. From skinny hairstyle to makeup, it will look fabulous on any event. Must try it!

olive dress up costume


5. Peanut m&m Dress

M&M’s are the most favorite nuts for the adult and for children too, but have you ever thought to wear m&m dress on any dress up party? The yellow dress with an awesome logo on it will definitely suit you, but be sure you must have sexy makeup with the dress.

dress up costume


6. The Burger Baby

It’s time to share dress up costumes for children where everyone loves to eat burgers so why not try some burger costume. It will look the yummiest on the baby’s body, don’t you dare to sink it in your mouth.

Burger Baby costume

7. Toddler Charmed with Orange Costume

The beautiful girl dressed up in orange dress looking like a cute witch. If you want to go to Halloween party must have some witch or Dracula dresses and horrible makeup.

Dress Up Costumes

From men to women and children, there are hundreds of costumes designed by the good people. Try any one of them and you will be definitely going to rock

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