Top 7 SHAKS Of Desi Wives On Their Husbands

Pakistani wives are just awesome because they love and care their husbands too much. They are too possessive of them and sometimes this possessiveness can result into terrible SHAKS from which every husband scares.

We have heard that girlfriends do investigate their boyfriends stuffs, but this time we have taken something different to you other than girlfriends. Lets see the top 7 SHAKS of Desi wives that make their husbands so awful and do comment which type of wife you are in your real life?

1. When your husbands came late at night and you are just like.

desi wives shak

2. At night, when your husband just leaves the room for the urgent phone call, but your SHAK remains constant.

desi wife doubts

3. The third foremost SHAK is when you caught him smiling alone at anything, what will happen next? Let’s see.

desi wife doubt

4. He dressed up for his office in a new shirt and tie with cool hair, here the mind of the wife goes into another SHAK.

desi wife and husband

5. When your husband tells you that he is full and had already taken dinner.

desi wife and husband

6. Wives are always very protective for their husbands and when any wife keeps on calling her husband, but the phone of husband remains busy so…

desi wife calliing husband

7. Accidentally, you came to home and you smell like you smoke. The reaction of your wife will be just hilarious.

horrible desi wife

Do you agree or not?

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