TRENDY OR WEIRD? 6 Strange Fashions In The Past

Fashion is what that is accepted by many people and is followed for a longer or shorter period of time. Some fashions seem to be very stylish and others are just creepy, but with the passage of time these fashion trends fade away because of the existence of new trends. Fashion industry in the world is going towards more progress as compared to in the past.

There are still many fashions which you don’t want to do in any case because very few people tend to follow these weird fashions. In this article, we have compiled some historical and weird fashion that were existed in the past which was being adopted by some royalty or your grandparents.

Give thanks to your parents if you are not belonging to that era when these styles exist, so count all the fashion trends from the past and choose which is more awful to you.

1. Colossal Wigs

The huge wigs were popular in the era of the French king Louis XIII related to royalty trends. If it was not enough, theses wigs can be decorated with fruits, beads, bows and other weird stuffs. Wearing the wigs was the symbol of royalty and richness of the past.

Like this fashion, the big powdered wigs were also in common which lasted almost 200 years to represent the social status. The more powdery the wig, the richer you are.

Colossal Wigs

2. Ganguro

The ganguro relates to the product of rebellious Japanese women meaning “black face” or “dark”. This style was in fashion in the 1990’s with the view to represent individualism by protesting rules and traditions of the school. This trend was followed by the ladies with dark skin and bleached hair.

To do an exaggerated makeup, the white concealer was used on the lips and eyes. Moreover, to create a more Hollywood look, pearl powder, stickers and gems were also common.

strange fashion

3. Crinoline Dress

On the 3rd rank there is Crinoline dress which was worn by the ladies of the 19th century to look good and elegant. The different thing in this dress was its various hoops under the skirts which made this dress called strange historical fashion.

The ladies then were looked like those dolls that grannies used to make with many rolls of toilet paper. For some ladies it was so stylish, but for some it was too dangerous.

Crinoline Dress fashion

4. Panniers

The wide and narrow skirts can be easily seen in the earlier paintings of Marie Antoinette, who was then switched to more simple and practical clothing. Many ladies loved to wear these panniers who also found it difficult to sit down or enter into any place without turning sides.

It was in the fashion in the early era, but then fades away with the passage of time.

funny strange fashion

5. Ruffs

One of the most weird fashions in the history is definitely the RUFFS which seems your neck is tied under any rope. With the passage of time, this ruffs became more oversized and awesome, but remember one thing it can cause a neck pain.

Many people used to wear this in the past and were common for both men and women.

Ruffs strange fashion

6. Corset

To want more sexy appearance, corset dresses were so much in common for ladies in the modern age. This fits more for the tiny and skinny waist and this fashion was remained for many years and still very famous. The difficult thing about this dress was it brought difficulty to breathe.

TRENDY fashion

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