8 Types Of Boys You’ll Face Before You Get Your Real Prince Charm

Do you know the real meaning of true love? If yes, then you are so lucky because I am unaware what the true love is! People said that the true love is what makes you happy no matters how many mistakes you are making in your relationship. It just goes smoothly! In your life people enters and leaves and new relationships appear, but each relationship teaches you a perfect lesson. The same case with the true love. Before finding the true love, you will face hundreds of problems and strange relations just like many boys who came into your life. Here we have collected 8 types of boys you will face before you get your Real Prince Charm.

1. The Strange One

That boy you don’t know anything about. He will blow your feelings by the fact that boys are not as such bad.

not real prince charm

2. The Flirty One

This type of guy doesn’t want any serious relationship with you, he just wants to enjoy your company in the flirty way, so this is not your real boy.

the flirty boy

3. The So Called First Love

The so called hero, who will let your heart beat quickly. Every girl near you just wanted to spend some quality time with him, just like you. Your heart flapped every time you see him and he will give you the signs of real and true love.

the so called first love

4. The Bad Boy

The real bad boy, but you just love him because of his looks and attitude. With this fact, you also know that he is not going to be yours true love.

the bad boy

5. The Mama’s Boy

He will not meet you even not interested to say hello, because he is a mama’s boy and can’t do anything without the consent of his mother. Rejected!

the mamas boy

6. The Rich Boy

That boy, every girl dreams of because he is RICH. You think like the other girls too. The moment you’ll meet him will be the very finest moment, but it will end up soon because love is more important than money.

the rich guy

7. The True Friend

With the passage of time, you will meet many true friends, but you have to decide whether to make any one of them your’s prince charming or not!

the true friend

8. Real Prince Charm – The Last and The One

At last, after too many vague relationship, you will get your Real Prince Charm. He will be the one who loves you with the pure heart. You just want one thing after finding him that is, to live with him forever.

real prince charm

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