The 10 Real Struggles Only A Short Guy Can Understand

Shit happens and it makes you feel annoying just like your existence being a short guy. We have heard many stuffs for tall, bearded, clean shaven, handsome, skinny guys, but this time, we will talk about the smaller guys. Yes, the smaller, in short the invisible one. The short guy comes up with many positive’s and negative’s we know and don’t worry there are too many ways to better deal with all your shortcomings. If you are not tall, then there are many chances that you are handsome enough.

It’s seriously amazing and cuter to be a shorter guy, but there are many struggles only you people face having the lesser height than others. Here we have collected 10 struggles, which you face and only you can understand. Read it out and tell us whether it’s true or not!

1. When all the girls you see are taller than you. You then regret why you fall in the category of short guy.

short guy problems

2. When a girl you like, calls you “cute”. It means she is in your friend zone not in relationship.

girl in friend zone

3. No matter what your age is, people think you are a teenager.

short guy life

4. You know that your dress will be only available in kid’s area. Embarrassing much!

kids corner for short guy

5. Your heart cries when you see any quote or meme related to a short guy.

memes on short guy

6. It’s too annoying to stand in the group picture.

short guy in group picture

7. You only love actors with short height. This makes you feel better.

short heighted actors

8. And you hate your taller friends somehow. But don’t pretend it!

short guy hates taller friend

9. When any girl comments about your height.

girl comments about your height

10. You don’t like when your girlfriend wears high heels. Say no to heels!

no heels

The plus point is girls find you cute 😛

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