Reasons Why Single Life Is Better Than Married Life

After marriage, your whole life changes. You have to mold according your partner’s nature. You have to bear their bad habits. You have to like their likes and dislike their dislikes. You have to treat their families as your own. So I guess being single is better than being married, here are the reasons why Single Life is better than married life.

1. Single Life – Decision Making

Before marriage, you decide how you spend your life. You are like a free bird, but marriage is like a cage. You don’t get to decide everything; the dominating spouse does that like most of the husbands in Pakistan. So enjoy the Single Life!

single life is better than married life

2. Weight Flux

People after getting married put a lot of weight, not only women but men too. Single people are healthy as they have time to look after themselves plus. Did you know single and divorced people exercise more? The reason is simple. They still have people to impress.

less weight before marriage

3. You Stay Connected To Everyone

That is a downside of being married; you lose connection with your friends, colleagues and even with your parents. Whereas single people hang out with their friends, live with their families and go out with their colleagues because they have time for them, unlike the married people who have to look after their spouse and kids.

life before marriage

4. No More Flirting Or Checking Out Random People

When you are married, you are bound to a single person. You are even scared to look at a woman. You can’t flirt with other people or sometimes even talk to people of opposite gender and that is the best part of being single that you are not bound to anyone. So, you can talk or flirt with anyone you want.

life before marriage

5. No More Friend Request and Messages On Facebook

As soon as you change your relationship status on Facebook from single to married, you stop getting messages and friend requests from people. Married life: 1, social life: 0, Or as soon as a woman wears a ring, guys stop approaching her.

changed life after marriage

6. The Freedom

When you single, since you are not accountable to anyone, you get to choose whatever you want to do. You don’t have a spouse to keep a check on you. You can do stupid stuff without any tension. You don’t have to worry that you have a wife home waiting for you or you don’t have to worry that you have to cook food before your husband gets home.

freedom being single

7. More Sleep

When you are married, you have to wake up early to go to the office or to get your children or husband ready. It is a life time duty. You don’t get holidays.
But when you are single, there is no responsibility on you. You can sleep and wake up whenever you want. There is not a strict mother-in-law to tease you about your sleeping habits.

enjoy sleeps before marriage

8. No Responsibility

Being single, you don’t have to worry about a job or about running your house or about your children’s education. You can be careless, as much as you want.

no responsibility being single