Reasons Why You Should Watch Dobara Phir Se Before The Year Ends

Dobara Phir Se is a movie, that shows you the pure romantic comedy stuff. It is directed by Salman Iqbal and includes the cast, Ali Kazmi, Sanam Saeed, Adeel Hussian, Hareem Farooq, Atiqa Odho, Tooba Siddiqui, Shaz Khan and the child artist Musa Ahmed Khan.

First thought comes that this movie will be the same like some typical other movies that shows the story of a typical boy and girl, but wait a minute this movie is a simple one. And you will see the complicated relationships disclose as the movie progresses. Dobara Phir Se shows the twist and twirls in the relationships and the story revolves around the character of a divorced Pakistani woman, who visits her estranged ex-mother-in-law. In the presence of Adeel Hussain, Hareem Farooq, Sanam Saeed and Ali Kazmi, the movie will take some serious course.

dobara phir se movie poster

So to know more about the story, here are some reasons why you should watch Dobara Phir Se before the year ends.

1. It’s A Pakistani Movie

Yes, it’s a Pakistani sensible movie, where you will see the simple and sweet story. No item numbers and no intimate scenes, Dobara Phir Se is a pure family entertainment movie, which will give you the reality factor rather than the fake story.

pakistani new movie

2. The Mind Blowing Music

You will glad to hear the voice of Arooj Aftab and of course the amazing tracks sung by Ali Hamza, Jimmy Khan, Haniya Aslam, Sara Haider, Shiraz Uppal, Zarish Hafeez and also the outstanding Rekha Bharadwaj. Exciting? Yes, these voices are just OMG.

3. The Talented Actors

Hammad is an interesting character in the movie, who is somehow emotional too. Hareem Farooq as Zaineb is brilliant too. Moreover, Shiza Khan, Ali Kazmi and Tooba Siddiqui have nice roles in the movie. We can’t forget Sanam Saeed, who gives us every role with full potential. She will be seen showing the positive attitude towards life.

dobara phir se actors

4. The Game Changer Script

In this movie, you will see each character and the their lives beautifully portrayed according to the script. As the movie begins, all the actors are revealed, Hammad (Adeel Hussain), Zainab (Hareem Farooq), Saman (Sanam Saeed), Vassay (Ali Kazmi) and Natasha (Tooba Siddiqui), by adding spice to their roles perfectly. The script includes the positive and negative side of every role, dealing with their daily life struggles, friendships, career and heartbreaks.

script of dobara phir se pakistani movie

5. And, Yes The Trailer

This reason doesn’t need an explanation, so check out yourself the trailer of Dobara Phir Se. Entertaining, musical and emotional.

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