Reports Claim That Om Puri Death Was Not Natural

Could you think about anything more tragic than the Om Puri Death? Died at the start of 2017, the death of this veteran actor shocked the whole world, but along this, many treachery theories have come up and one can’t ignore these all.

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Primarily, everyone believed that Om Puri death was caused due to cardiac arrest, but then postmortem reports discovered anything else. The actor did not die of ‘natural causes’ at all. Yes, one of the dreadful news one might hear. After this, the report states that the actor had a head injury. One of his close friend confirmed that he had been drinking before his death.

The Oshiwara police was investigating the whole case. On this, Om Puri’s close friend and a film producer Khalid Kidwai told them that before his death, he wanted to meet his son.

He said, “Om Puri wanted to meet his son Ishan on Thursday evening. So we (Kidwai and Om Puri) went to Trishul building where his ex-wife Nandita lives with Ishan. But were unable to meet them as both Nandita and Ishan had gone for a party. Om Puri then had an argument over the phone with Nandita. He asked them to come soon as he wanted to meet his son.”

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Furthermore, On the death of a beloved friend, Naseeruddin Shah spoke about Om’s health. “His personal problems — in which I did not intervene at all — had left his mental and physical health in a shambles. I know for a fact that Om was really suffering during the last few years. And there was no way out of it. Though his death was sudden, I can’t say it was totally unexpected,” he said. “In a way, death has relieved him of all the stress, and that includes the bad films he took on, I presume for financial reasons.”

om puri death was not natural

By adding more to Om Puri death, Amir Liaquat Hussain said on his show that Puri was strangled to death by RAW. He said that two RAW agents entered Om Puri’s home late at night and murdered him. All of these circumstances aroused because Om Puri showed support for Pakistan and Pakistani actors. A few months ago, Om Puri also shared his thought about the Indian soldier in Kashmir. After all the statements, Om Puri received a lot of hate from the Hindu extremists of India and ended in death.

Amir Liaquat Hussain on bol tv

Well, we can’t say anything more about this. Because the great actor Om Puri will not come back, but instead this man definitely wants a justice. May his soul rest in peace!

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