Risky Airports In The World You Probably Don’t Know About

The dangerous list of risky airports in the world can disgust you in no time. The airports in the world are a major source to move people and goods from one place to another. Engineers and other talented people work there to create landing strips so that airplanes could land and take off. It is not that much easier as we are thinking because there are still many Risky Airports in the world present.

Takeoffs and landings are always very challenging, even some situations make them more risky and dangerous, like terrain, altitude, weather and also the location of the airports. Lets’s look at the surprising and risky airports in the world, so tie up your belt and get ready for the ride!

1. Qamdo Bamda Airport, Tibet, China

The Qamdo Bamda is on the top in the list of risky airports in the world. It is located in the world’s highest mountains, named as the Himalayas. It is located at an altitude of 4334 meters with the runway about 5.5 kilometers. Because of lower concentration of oxygen, the lower engine performance of the aircraft can be very dangerous for new pilots.

risky airports in the world

2. Lukla Airport, Nepal

The second risky airport in the world is none other than Lukla airport, which passes by the huge mountain on one end. The other end is passed by the thousand meter drop. The Lukla airport is the small airport present in the town of Lukla in Eastern Nepal. In 2008, this airport was renamed in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest and passed away in 11th January, 2008.

Lukla Airport Nepal

3. Juancho E Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island

The Saba island is the home to a risky airport with the 400 meter long runway. This airport is surrounded by the sea on both ends. Moreover, this airport has a steep hill sliding at one side. The location of this airport is very problematic for pilots.

Juancho E Yrausquin Airport Saba Island

4. Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthelemy

The risky airport for the small aircraft with the capacity of 20 passengers can land there. Under the French administration, the dangerous hill slope was used as the runway to lower the speed of landing airplanes.

Gustaf III Airport Saint Barthelemy

5. Barra International Airport, Scotland

The Barra International Airport is the type of airport, where planes land on the beach. It is located in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. To fly, you have to book with British Airways, which flies from Glasgow and Benbecual to Barra. The airport is also washed away by the tides and also you can see cars there in the parking lot. This road has also the sign board with a written statement, “Keep off the beach. When the windsock is flying and the airport is active.”

Barra International Airport

6. Courchevel Airport, France

The Courchevel airport in France is one of the most dangerous and the riskiest airports in the world. In the surroundings, there are mountainous territory, so there is no go-around way for the landings there. This airport can only handle small helicopters and air crafts. Sometimes, landing here during fog is impossible because of inappropriate arrangements.

Courchevel Airport France

7. Princess Juliana International Airport (Saint Martin)

One of the busiest airport in the Eastern Caribbean is Princess Juliana International Airport. This airport has a short landing strip, which is only 2180 meters. The planes there can easily approach the island by flying very low. Although it is a very dangerous airport, but still there is not any record of accident.

Princess Juliana International Airport Saint Martin

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