This Robot Waiter In Multan Is Changing The Way Of Life & Everyone Is Feeling Proud

As predicted, one day robots will be seen in place of man, a sort of revolution. To prove this, Pakistan is now showcasing the technicality quotient in its own way. Recently, a very popular pizza corner of Multan, known as has announced a robot to work in place of waiter. This robot waiter in Multan is totally made in Pakistan by the NUST student Syed Usama Aziz.

It’s the first time in Pakistan where people will see robots in eatery.  Syed Usama has taken this step so outstandingly and he has proved that an individual can do whatever he wants. He graduated from NUST and developed this amazing robot for his father Pizza business. His passion about robots made him the first person in Pakistan to serve this way.

robot waiter in multan

Robot waiter in Multan is the future of Pakistan

It took Usama 8 months to build this robot waiter after investing Rs 400,000. This robot is all set to serve the customers by taking the orders, serving the food and greet the guests in the most pleased way. Cool? And yes, something very extraordinary.

robot in pizza restaurant

Future Plans: To organize similar robots in Hyderabad branch

Well, it’s really happy to see robots in Pakistani restaurants. Usama is currently in beta testing phase at Multan branch. Soon, he has plans to make this robot for his Hyderabad Pizza branch too.

So, what’s your point of view? Would you like to be served by robots in restaurants? Comment below!

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