Salman and Aamir Khan, no more friends!

Two Bollywood superstars, the biggest Khans of the industry who are very close friend of each other, both of them have shared happy moments together and is also present to support each other whenever needed.

An ugly rumor recently been leaked that two of the great friends are no more the friends of each other.


What Happened.

Resource had revealed that a huge fight took place between the two Khans, it is said that Aamir Khan has called the decisions of Salman Khan taken in the past “wrong” which made the dabang star very angry and a huge fight took place on it.

Tears In Aamir’s eyes.


The sources have also told that Aamir Khan was seen with tears in his eyes while going back home after this incident took place. There are a lot of media channels who have confirmed this news. That’s really a sad news as friendship of these two khans is the best for so many reasons.

Sultan And Dangal.

The reason behind the fight can also be the upcoming movies of both the khans, Salman’s dream project is named Sultan whereas the most awaited movie of Aamir is named as Dangal. Both these movies are based upon the same subject that’s why it is said that it can also be the reason behind the fight.

What Did Salman Say.


Salman Khan really didn’t open his mouth on this matter and found it better to keep silence. But one thing is sure if the actor has not said anything in the favor or denial of the matter then there must be something fishy fishy.

Fight About the Location.

Indian media had also told that the shoots of the upcoming movie of bajrangi bhaijaan was rejected at the Gujjarwal village and the reason behind that was the team of Aamir’s upcoming movie “dangal” was already present there and they have booked this place for another one year.


It may only be a rumor or maybe true, but for the sake of the fans of both the stars we just hope that it just ends as a rumor because audience really want to see them both together because after the fight of three khans it’s not good to have a conflict between these two good friends too.

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