10 Senseless Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend When She Is Out Of Her Mind

Girls are so complex to handle, especially when they are angry. Have you ever faced that angry young expression of the girls in your life? If not, then you are really a lucky one because at that time these girls are the most dangerous creatures of the world. Girls always put the boys into the confusing situation where they don’t know what to do and what not. Sometimes boys make their girlfriends even angrier so start avoiding the things that make your girlfriends pissed off. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to not say to your girlfriend, actually these things are seriously Senseless Things, so get ready and be aware when your girlfriend is blazing.

1. Awaz neeche, in short lower your voice.

If you ever tried to say this to your girlfriend, her reply will be: “Who the bloody hell are you to talk to me like this?”

senseless things you say to your girlfriend

2. Senseless Things – Relax babes.

In the reply, she just wants to eat you with her angry words, “Keep your f***ing advice in your pocket”.

when you say relax babes

3. Don’t talk to me like this again.

The awesome reply: “Oh really? Are you my teacher?”

when boyfriend behaves like teacher

4. As you wish!

Reply: “You have changed dude, very much. I don’t need you. In short, get lost you asshole”.

senseless things by boys

5. Are you upset?

Oops, no, I am just trying to act like the sad dead body.

reactions of girls on boys

6. When you compare your ex with your girlfriend.

This is what she is thinking: “Wow, what a nice response dude. Now its time to leave you. Go back to your bloody ex you moron”.

when you say senseless things to girlfriend

7. You need some rest, so go and take some time instead of shouting at me.

The simple answer will be: “Spare me”.

strange situation from boys

8. Baby, you have put on too much weight.

This is the statement not a single girl wants to listen and for this, the reply with full of abusive words will be there.

things girls hate

9. I am just kidding.

Ha ha ha ha, “F**k off”.

out of mind girls

10. Keep crying, in other words: Rondi reh!

Reply: “Lol why not you just prepare a coffin for you?”

when your girlfriend is crying

So boys have you ever trapped in this type of situation? Comment below if you really think that your girlfriend is as stubborn as we mentioned 😀

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