Shah Rukh Khan Is Maintaining Distance From Social Media!!!

Shah Rukh Khan is not only an actor of bollywood but a star who is famous as King Khan of the industry. He has his unique style of acting and he is considered the king of romance. Decades have gone but no replacement of this actor is yet found. He is acting like he is becoming younger day by day and entertaining his audience but things are not so fine with him.

Shah Rukh Khan decided to maintain distance from social media.

Shah Rukh Khan and social media

Shah Rukh Khan is not happy with the things happening on social media and he has taken the final decision to stay away from social media. It is because he was quite disturbed to see the negative response of people based on unreasonable words. He thinks people don’t have patient while commenting on the posts of social media and it is better to stay away from it than to tell them about the right thing because no one is ready to listen.

He hates abusive language of his fans.

Shah Rukh Khan hates fans abusive language

Shah Rukh Khan said that he hates to see the abusive comments of his fans on his posts regarding other stars. He really doesn’t want his fans to use these words for anyone and he requested to avoid this language through a video message but this message went all in vain.

He hates to read idiotic comments through his twitter account.

Shah Rukh Khan on twitter

Shah Rukh Khan has experienced a lot of abusive stuff on his twitter account that made him lose his patience. When nothing was stopping these abusive comments then he decided to stop logging in into the twitter to see this idiotic staff, saying he doesn’t have time to see this negativity of the virtual world.

Salman Khan also tweeted as Shah Rukh Khan.

salman khan on twitter

Just like Shah Rukh Khan has asked his fans not to use abusive language on social media about any actor or actress, Salman Khan has also requested his fans to do the same. It seems like all stars are just fed up of the activities of people on this platform available but everyone should know that they have no right to pass comment on anyone’s personal life.

Shah Rukh Khan said that:

“I don’t like to come on twitter now, I just want people to stop commenting against the other celebrities. They should never sad say bad things about the other actors or actresses. I don’t think me or anyone else is so important that anyone is abused for us. I have done this a few times and I really regret of abusing today.”

When the fans of king khan did not stop doing this then he preferred to maintain distance from social media because there was no other solution available.

Shah Rukh Khan feels like making fun of other actors is not fun.

shah rukh khan fun

According to Shah Rukh Khan there is no fun in it to make fun of other actors. They all are respectable and even every person of this world has some respect which should not be hurt by passing such negative comments.

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