Shahid Kapoor Thought About Kareena Before Alia Bhatt, “Matter”?

Former couple of the Bollywood film industry who were greatly in love with each other, broke up after a relationship based upon more than 6 years. They both were so committed to each other, and were near to marry. No one knows what happened between the love birds that made them to break up.

They both are badly missed as a movie couple.

shahid kapoor thought about kareena

Both the stars have worked in multiple movies together. Most of those movies got successful on cinema but one became the blockbuster that is ‘Jab we met’. The main thing that was appreciated in this movie was the acting of both the stars and the awesome chemistry between them.

Jab We Met was their last movie together.

kareena shahid last movie

Both the stars were never seen together working in any other movie after the release of this one. ‘Milege Milenge’ was released after their breakup, but it was made before their breakup but released late.

Shahid has recommended Kareena Kapoor.

shandar movie and kareena kapoor

Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were seen performing together in the movie ‘Shandaar’. The movie was unable to inspire the audience and the couple was also not liked by them. Another movie was offered to both the stars and Shahid has recommended the name of Kareena Kapoor in place of Alia Bhatt in this movie with him.

Shahid Kapoor thought recommending the name of his ex maybe taken in a wrong way.

kareena kapoor about shandar movie

While telling about this story of recommendation, Shahid Kapoor has mentioned that:

“I never wanted to recommend Kareena Kapoor for this role as I was scared that how people will perceive it.”

Shahid Kapoor said that despite of having this insecurity, he mentioned her name for the big role of the movie.

Shahid Kapoor Found Kareena Kapoor absolutely perfect for the role.

shahid kapoor and kareena kapoor story

Shahid Kapoor said that the way Bebo has performed the difficult role of geet in the movie ‘Jav We Met’, he just found her best for this role. This role is of a kind any heroine will die for.

What is the name of the movie in which Kareena Kapoor was recommended.

Udta Punjab cast

The movie for which Shahid Kapoor has taken the name of Kareena Kapoor in place of Alia bhatt is named ‘Udta Punjab’. This role of the movie may seem dark and dull but it is a kind of role that will make the movie.

The role was offered to Kareena Kapoor on the suggestion of Shahid Kapoor and she said ‘YES’.

Udta Punjab shahid and kareena

When this role from the upcoming movie of shahid and alia was offered to kareena kapoor to perform the lead role with her ex, she said yes for it. Later she got busy and had to say no for the role because of her busy schedule.

Alia Bhatt has accepted the role again after the delayed ‘NO’ of Kareena Kapoor.

Alia Bhatt role in shandar

Alia Bhatt found this role of the movie fantastic. When it was asked from her to do this role for the second time, she said yes for it again. Shahid Kapoor finds it a great quality in her as an actor as she didn’t show any attitude for making a recommendation over her.

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