Shocking words of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan About Salman Khan

Aishwarya Salman breakup

Aishwarya Rai who is the beauty of bollywood is famous for her colorful eyes and beautiful features, is busy nowadays in promoting her movie ‘jazba’ these days. She is going to make a comeback in the industry after about five years as she was much busy in her personal life and reducing her weight for which she was criticized much by the media.

Aishwarya Salman.

aishwarya salman history

Aishwarya and salman who are famous for their love, they were a couple at one stage of their life and they gave a very successful movie ‘hum dil de chukay sanam’ under the direction of sanjay lila bhansali. Unfortunately some unknown incidents took place which made their relationship to end before marriage and they didn’t remain on talking terms.

Bajirao Mastani.

ranvir and deepika in Bajirao Mastani

‘Hum dil de chukay sanam’ was directed by sanjay leela bhansali in 1999, he followed it up with ‘devdas’. The director had a plan to make another movie named ‘bajirao’ masatani with the same couple aishwarya and salman. But the relationship between the two stars is really so bad that the director had casted 2 other stars ranvir and deepika for these roles.

Aishwarya’s Regrets about Salman.

Aishwarya’s Regrets about Salman

Aishwarya wanted to do become mastani in this movie named ‘bajirao mastani’ according to the wish of the director but she was sure about the decision of salman that he will never be agreed to play the role with the actress. So while this question asked from her she answered this most avoided question in this way:

“Well as you are all aware, I would have become mastani according to Bhansali’s wishes, but then, it would have happened only if a certain actor (referring to Salman) would have become Bajirao.”

This statement by the actress clearly shows that she was not having any problem with the actor but the reason behind her refusal was none other than Salman khan. She has also shown that she is not interested to take the name of the actor ‘Salman’

She added:

“So Sanjay and I spoke clearly about it. It was not an issue about which we should have stressed out. Every film has its own destiny and it reaches where it has to.”

Aishwarya Rai and Sanjay’s Friendship.

Aishwarya Rai and Sanjay’s Friendship

The actress and the director share a close bond.  The actress said that at one time she poked the director to make bajirao mastani. According to her there are some filmmakers with whom actors share a close bond that is just beyond cinema and sanjay is one of them for the bollywood queen.